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Why Early Childhood Education Is So Important

Early childhood education lays the foundation for a child to become a successful adult, and The Learning Lodge is committed to providing the opportunities for your child to develop all the skills they need to succeed in school and their futures. 

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The Importance of Teaching a Child to Laugh

In fact, we are not born with a good sense of humor. Being able to recognize what is funny and to make people laugh is one of the most desirable personality traits, and it is something that can be developed in children.

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3 Ideas to Keep Preschoolers Busy on a Snow Day

Minnesotans are no strangers to being trapped inside on a snowy or brutally cold day. Even though we’ve handled it year after year, it’s common to get some cabin fever—especially if you are trying to provide enrichment for a young child.

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4 Ways to Help Kids Grow Emotionally

A child’s emotional development begins the moment he or she enters the world and interacts with life around them. The first few years of healthy development are crucial to their emotional well-being. If children do not receive positive mental stimuli during their initial years, they may suffer from emotional or psychological distress.

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Developing Reading Skills at an Early Age

Children can begin developing practical reading skills as early as age two. While they don’t always grasp the concept behind each word they learn, they have the ability to understand phonics, sentence structures, word tenses, and spelling. If you spend time reading with your child and teaching them basic reading concepts, you can accelerate their reading skills and the stimulate their intellectual ability.

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How Preschoolers Can Learn the Scientific Method

Kids and science make the perfect match. Children are naturally curious, and science gives them an entire universe in which to feed their intuition. Science is also a fact-based discipline. Therefore, children are exposed to concrete concepts at their level.

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10 Highly Educational Summer Fun Activities for Your Child

Summer may be a time when your child stops attending school, but there are a wealth of things to do to continue their education. Summer is a time to go and experience the outdoors and make learning a family pursuit. When planning activities for your child, think of learning and fun together. The Learning Lodge shares ten highly educational summer fun activities for your child.

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10 Questions Parents Should Ask When Choosing a Preschool

Choosing the right preschool is one of the most important decisions you can make for your little one. The Learning Lodge can help you ask the best questions to make the right decision for your family. Our expertise in child development and education offers excellent educational opportunities for young children ages 1 to 6 years old.

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Why Parents Need to Take Pre-K Education More Seriously

Pre-K (pre-kindergarten) is a fundamental stepping stone in a child’s learning experience because it sets the foundation for Kindergarten. A child will acquire many lifelong qualities and characteristics at this age level. Pre-K is not only about learning the alphabet and numbers; there is so much more. Pre-K is great for building a child’s confidence and his/her social skills.

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The Importance of Early Childhood Education

At The Learning Lodge our investment in students are our investment in the future because children are the future. With a wide range of distractions vying for the attention of our young ones we must strive to reach them first at the earliest stages of their lives. We need to reach them when they are first developing their social, physical, and emotional skills to maximize their future outcome. We have educational programs for children of all ages over six months old:

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