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field trips

Real life experiences within our communities

The Learning Lodge conducts field trips during the summer for pre-Kindergarten and school-aged children. We will visit different locations throughout the metro area that allow for additional hands-on learning opportunities where the children can engage in learning at different venues. This allows for children to learn from their new surroundings, engage with different people and businesses within our community, and work on their social skills within our community. In addition, we will bring learning opportunities from outside in so our children can learn from that as well. There will be a variety of options so we are confident there is something for everyone.

On our Wonderful Wednesdays we always schedule an offsite field trip. Our older students have two field trips per week. These field trips and experiences come at no extra cost to parents. Parental permission will be requested for off-site field trips.

For more information about our field trip procedures please refer to your enrollment guide or give us a call at 763-427-2587. Our child care facility is conveniently located in Ramsey, MN between Elk River, MN and Anoka, MN.


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Our NEW Waddler Room (12-18 months) will be opening in September!