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outdoor play

Outdoor Play

The Learning Lodge combines educational development with physical activities at our expansive outdoor play area in Ramsey, MN. Outdoor play is a critical component of your child's development.  It is a great opportunity to focus on their physical skills while focusing on their large motor skills such as running, leaping and jumping.  Another key component of outdoor play focuses on the health and well being of your child to keep them active and start a life of healthy exercise. We consider outdoor play to be a critical element in your child’s development, and it will be a daily activity while they attend our center.

In addition to the physical benefits, outdoor play also contributes to their cognitive development. Many children in the outdoor environment become creative and come up with new games to play, create rules for these interactions as well as learn strong negotiation skills, working as a team and conflict management which they will take with them throughout their life. This provides a great opportunity in another environment for them to fully develop in multiple areas.

All children who are in attendance at The Learning Lodge are expected to participate in outdoor activities.


We request that appropriate outdoor clothing be sent at all times. Snow pants, a warm coat, hat, waterproof mittens, scarf and waterproof boots are important during colder weather, while hot or rainy weather requires lighter wear. During excessively hot or inclement weather, children will be kept indoors. We fully support the State of Minnesota licensing guidelines around outdoor play.

For more information, contact us in the Anoka, MN, Ramsey, MN and Elk River, MN area at 763-427-2587. You can also complete the simple form on our contact page.


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Our NEW Waddler Room (12-18 months) will be opening in September!