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Reading Together: 4 Ways Storytime Is a Powerful Teaching Tool

Though it’s easy to take for granted, literacy isn’t something every child has the opportunity to develop. In fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, one in five U.S. adults — approximately 43 million people — have low to nearly non-existent literacy skills. So if you have the time to sit down and read with your child, you should absolutely take advantage of the opportunity.

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4 Ways to Foster Your Child’s Innate Creativity

Did you know that creativity and imagination can help your child cope with a wide range of emotions? Not only that, but these valuable tools, when developed through consistent practice, help children learn and interact with the world around them.

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Stuck at Home? 3 Creative Enrichment Activities for Young Students

Young minds are constantly gathering and assimilating new information. Regardless of the setting (even if it’s your living room), your young child is always learning and growing — so why not foster creativity when you’re stuck at home? Though it can be tempting to calm a rambunctious child by incorporating screen time into the picture, it’s not always the best choice in terms of creative enrichment.

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4 Surprising Ways Daycare Is Beneficial for Your Young Child

Parents often have reservations about enrolling their children in a childcare or early education program. In many cases, those reservations stem from a fear that children will not receive individualized attention or that the program is not educationally sound. While that may be true for certain childcare programs with poor reputations, that’s most certainly not the case at the Learning Lodge.

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Creative Play: Why It’s Essential for Early Development

Did you know your child’s everyday play activities are incredibly beneficial for her overall development? Creative enrichment encourages developmental improvements in every area of your child’s life — emotional, cognitive, physical — you name it, creativity affects it. At The Learning Lodge, our philosophy centers around enrichment, and a major component of our teaching approach just so happens to be creativity! So how exactly does creative play help your child learn and grow? Let’s take a look!

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Early Childhood Development: 3 Benefits of Social Interaction

As children develop, their daily interactions shape their experience and perception of the world around them. As a parent, early social interaction allows you a unique opportunity to stimulate your child’s emotional, intellectual, and physical growth. The benefits of consistent, early social interaction reach far beyond childhood and often shape the way your child grows into adolescence and even adulthood.

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The Benefits of Art for Toddlers

Kids are abundantly creative beings. Art allows them to explore who they are and express themselves visually at a time when they are unable to communicate in other ways. But letting your toddler have fun with finger paints offers more than just smiles and artwork for the fridge. It allows you to create a real and lasting effect on the child's cognitive and physical development.

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Why Your Kids Should Play Outside Often

At The Learning Lodge, we believe in an all-inclusive education. We want children to learn, communicate, and experience all the good things in the world around them. For that reason, we focus on letting your children explore and play in the outdoors, as well as learning and developing within our center. Here, our experts will go over some of the reasons as to why outdoor exploration is vital for your child’s development.

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Stimulating Your Child’s Creativity

Children are constantly exploring and asking questions, trying to understand the world around them. It may be tough to know the answers and entertain them, but it is crucial to their development. When you provide stimulating activities and opportunities for your children, they learn and develop in a way that spurs creativity. Here, our experts at The Learning Lodge will discuss ways to help your children discover their creativity.

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Our Care For Special Needs Children

At The Learning Lodge, we cater to all children. Based in Ramsey, Minnesota, our staff strives to make sure every child is included, while being taught and cared for in a way that benefits them. We work to ensure every child is in an environment where they can grow intellectually and socially, while also helping them grow emotionally as they continue to grow physically. Our unique learning center allows all children to experience diversity and inclusion by helping them learn how society works from a young age.

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