Sometimes in today's schools, the education starts at rigorous and intense, oftentimes turning students off from the learning experience. This does nothing positive for a student. In fact, it turns pupils away from wanting to learn and succeed, which leads to many years of not enjoying schools and putting the student at risk for low grades and even dropping out. 

1. Students Get Involved

The typical education structure consists of students remaining seated and listening to what they're told. How many people honestly enjoy lectures about uninteresting topics and can even continuously pay attention to them, especially when students must get through numerous hours of it five days per week? Making learning fun through interactive activities and games get the children involved. The student feels like part of the lesson remains involved throughout the entire activity. Often, it getting students involves helps to target children who aren't traditional learners.  

2. Students Want More

How often do students come home telling their parents they can't wait to listen to their teacher drone on about a subject that doesn't interest them? On the other hand, how many times do students come home telling their parents about a game or project them participated in? The activities that students participate in that they share are usually what they want more of. When a student wants more of an activity or a subject, it helps them to increase their knowledge, especially in regards to various subjects. 

3. Children Learn Firsthand

When a child learns by having fun, they're oftentimes heavily involved in the activity. They might be completing activities with their hands or getting up and moving around. Moreover, they might be looking, touching or discovering in another way that gets them involved. This involvement helps kids learn firsthand. In many cases, this firsthand involvement leads to lasting memories of the material being presented. 

4. Develops a Lifelong Love of Learning 

When learning in fun, the child learns to love learning. It's very important that parents teach kids to love learning early by singing, dancing and playing educational games with them. Additionally, parents should encourage children to participate in groups that foster a love for learning in children. Learning is one of those activities that a person does throughout life, so it's important to show, not teach, a child how much fun it is. This is what we aspire to do at The Learning Lodge!