True wellness does not happen in a vacuum. Every action affects more than just the part of the body or mind that is most evident. Instead, it acts as a ripple, moving throughout the body and soul. This inter-connectivity is why a holistic approach to wellness is so vitally important -- particularly when it comes to the youth of today. 

What Does a Holistic Approach Mean?

As you might have already guessed, a holistic approach combines wellness concepts that address the importance of a person as a whole being. That is, it acknowledges the interdependence of the different part with one another. If one part is not being addressed adequately, the others are bound to suffer as a result. When the mind, body and spirit of a child are fed and nourished correctly, then he or she will thrive. When the approaches used with a child address the emotional, intellectual, physical and social aspects as components of the same entity, health and happiness follows. 

The Learning Lodge and Holistic Wellness

At The Learning Lodge, they place a particular emphasis on wellness. With their well balanced curriculum that provides activities for each part of an individual, this unique child care experience helps ensure that each child is healthy from the inside out. 

  • Physical

Fresh air and sunshine are important for the health and well being of everyone but especially for children. Every child enjoys time outside every day as long as the weather cooperates. During those times when it does not, the children tumble inside. Outside physical education instructors come to the center during the colder months and help the children learn about exercise. 

  • Emotional

At The Learning Lodge, the staff is highly experienced in child development. They know that no one child is the same as another. They emphasize and create an environment that is safe, caring and comforting. Each child's personal growth is encouraged and supported. 

  • Social

Learning to get along with others takes time and practice. At The Learning Lodge, children are given ample opportunities to engage with other children and adults so they can develop these skills in a safe, warm and loving environment. 

  • Intellectual

Supporting a child as he or she learns requires a balance between tasks that are challenging enough to bring with them a sense of satisfaction and those that are too easy. Maintaining this balance is crucial to engaging children of all ages. 

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