At The Learning Lodge, we offer child care for children with special needs, realizing that inclusion offers many benefits for all children involved. We focus on inclusion, while still making accommodations to support the development and learning of children with special needs. If you’re looking for a child care setting that offers a setting where your child can grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially, here’s a closer look at what we have to offer.   

Children with Special Needs are Children First

We understand that children with special needs happen to be children first. Your child has the same needs as other children – a safe place that offers opportunities for playing and learning; an environment where they are secure and comfortable; activities that help them succeed; and caring people around them. Although we realize that children with special needs may need more encouragement to develop skills and some extra time for learning and practicing new things, they have much in common with other children. We focus on the needs of your child, not just your child’s special needs.

Recognizing the Uniqueness of Every Child

No two children are the same – every child is unique. And this is especially true when working with children with special needs. Each disability and each child is going to be unique, even if children have the same disability. A child that has behavioral challenges will have very different needs than a child with visual impairments. Some children that come to the Learning Lodge have multiple disabilities. In each child, the severity of challenges with the disability will be different, and the modifications and changes to the child care program will need to be tailored specifically to the needs of your child. Our professionals understand that each child has unique disabilities and challenges, so we work to provide every child care and education that suits his specific needs.  

The Benefits of Inclusion for Your Child

Offering child care programs that include children with special needs offers benefits to everyone. Inclusion offers many benefits for children with disabilities, including the benefit of making your child feels like he belongs. Inclusion helps to reduce the negative effects of lack of familiarity and labeling, and provides your child with an environment where he feels safe and included. Developing children also benefit from having classmates with special needs, since it allows them to learn how to respect children who have disabilities. Children also can share experiences and learn to appreciate diversity.

Our goal is to offer an inclusive environment that is beneficial to developing children while providing the extra care and accommodations for children who have special needs. Visit The Learning Lodge today to find out more about our child care programs for children with special needs.