You've probably heard the expression before, "It's not about the quantity of time but rather the quality of time" in reference to the time you spend with your children. Realistically, however, today's working parents are concerned with both. In particular, many working parents are searching for ways to get involved at their children's school. That's a huge challenge since school hours and the standard nine-to-five job's hours coincide.

Though it seems a daunting task, it's not impossible. Here are four fun activities for you to do at your child's school in one hour or less. In other words, these are activities you can get done on your lunch break or by leaving work a little early one day.

Four Quick Activities For Busy Parents to Do at School in Just One Hour

  1. Talk with your child's teacher and set a time to read aloud to the class. Practice with your child ahead of time. The more kid-like you are when you read, the better your crowd reaction will be. Use voices for characters and exaggerate as needed. Loosen up and get silly. You'll have fun, and so will the class!

  2. Let the teacher know that you're willing to volunteer as a tutor for an hour once a week/a month/ etc. Teachers have a difficult time giving individualized instruction in a classroom of more than twenty, so volunteers are greatly appreciated.

  3. Become a star with your elementary child's class by simply eating lunch with them once a week. You actually can do this in less than half an hour. Students love to be able to visit with a parent at a table. Also, note that it is generally permissible for parents to bring in things that you would typically put in a lunchbox, but not food from restaurants/fast food/etc. Check with the school for guidelines.

  4. You can also work with your child to clean out his or her bookshelf. There are probably some books on it that he or she has outgrown or simply isn't interested in anymore. Bundle these books up and take them to the school library. The school library will have a policy on accepting book donations, so you may want to check with the librarian ahead of time.  

So now that you have some quick ways to get involved at your child's school, you can quit wishing for that extra hour in every day! Enjoy your kids, and enjoy spending time at their school to support the teaching and learning that happens there!