Literacy is one of those skills which shapes an entire life. People must master reading to fulfill their academic, entertainment and employment needs. According to a study, thirty-two million people in the United States are illiterate. Twenty-one percent of the entire adult population in the U.S. read at or below a fifth-grade level. And it is only getting worse. Nineteen percent of recent high school graduates can't even read their diploma.

Your First Job

As a parent or grandparent of a child, your first job is to help her grow into a happy and productive adult. One of the best ways to ensure her future success while providing an endless source of entertainment is reading. A recent study showed that kids who read with their parents three to five times per week were six months ahead of their peers at school. Kids whose parents read to them every day were up to a year more advanced!

It is never too earlier to read to your kids. Babies as young as six-months old have the ability to recognize pictures, and even newborns will respond to your speech pattern and inflection. Children between one and two can name pictures from the book and may even answer simple questions about a story. Toddlers and older kids will know certain words and may even be able to answer more complicated questions. 

The Benefits of Reading With a Child

There are many benefits of reading aloud to children. Some of these include:

●        promoting earlier oral ability in very young children.

●        improving imagination and creative thinking.

●        increasing child-parent bonding.

●        boosting a child's academic performance.

●        accelerating a child's ability to read by themselves.

●        encouraging your child to become a lifelong reader and learner.

Tips For Reading to Kids

There is no wrong way to read with your kids — so just do it. These tips can make it easier and more enjoyable:

●        Have a routine. Kids thrive on a schedule. Choose a comfy, well-lit area to read and set a story time.

●        Let your kids choose the book — even if it is the same one every time.

●        Make it fun and engaging. Use the inflection of your voice and questions to pull your child into the story.

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