Preschoolers love to go on field trips as they give children a chance to get out of class and enjoy the world around them. Thankfully, there's a wide range of places you can take them that are safe and educational. Such great places to conduct a field trip would be:

●        A Grocery Store - Although a field trip to the grocery store might seem mundane, many grocery stores are willing to offer a tour of their building to give preschoolers a new outlook in regards to how they receive their food. In order to make this field trip possible, contacting the store manager beforehand is suggested.

●        A Park - If you're looking to take a field trip minus the price tag, going to a park is an excellent idea. In addition to offering a vast amount of play space and fresh air, you usually don't have to contact the park in advance to schedule a field trip. So regardless if you plan on playing active games or educating children about their natural surroundings, a trip to the park is a surefire hit for all parties involved.

●        A Farm - If you're looking to give children an excellent perspective as to how their food ends up at the grocery store, taking them to a farm would be an excellent idea. Most farm tours allow children to pet the animals, feed the animals, and learn agricultural lessons. To set up a farm field trip, all one has to do is contact their state's agricultural department to learn more about farms that offer this opportunity or contact a farm directly to set up a tour.

●        A Zoo - A zoo is an excellent place to conduct a field trip for several reasons. In addition to offering physical activity as the children walk the zoo grounds, they can witness the animals and take pictures of them. As many zoos offer tours, setting up a field trip shouldn't be too difficult.

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