Outdoor play provides major benefits to your child's ability to grow into a healthy, smart, and thriving individual. At The Learning Lodge, we love providing the children we care for the opportunities to communicate, learn, and experience the great outdoors. Below we break down why outdoor play is of great benefit to your child.

●        Your Child's Physical Fitness
Outdoor activity allows a child to dance, swim, climb, jump, run, and so much more. To make matters even better, all of these activities provide strength training, aerobic exercise, protection from diabetes, protection from heart disease, improves vitamin D levels, and strengthens your child's immune system.

●        Your Child's Social Development
Having your child play outdoors allows them to socialize with friends, make new friends, and further develop their social skills. Whether they play in a group or play with one individual, they learn how to play with others, negotiate, overcome challenges, and learn new skills. The long term perks of your child regularly playing outside include improved confidence, self-advocacy, resiliency, and the ability to become a leader.

●        Your Child's Mental Health
Although it seems difficult to understand, children can still suffer from anxiety and depression. Between extra curricular activities and busy schedules, playing outdoors can help reduce their stress and impact ADHD and anxiety in a positive manner.

●        Your Child's Intellectual Development
The benefits of outdoor play also include intellectual stimulation. For example: The AAP noted that outdoor play helps children enhance learning readiness, focus better in the classroom, and sharpen their problem-solving skills. When it comes to unstructured play, outdoor activities can help children develop creative skills that they can apply to academic learning.

Even in the winter months, playing outdoors is good for a child to get their energy out and keep their exercise balanced. That's right everyone, snowball fights and jumping into a pile of leaves are still fair game for outdoor activity. So considering the perks above, it's important to understand how beneficial playing outside can be for your children. To learn more about The Learning Lodge and how we can help your child grow, give us a call at 763-427-2587 or visit us online to learn more!