Your child isn't naturally programmed to socialize with other human beings. School is an outlet for social development, but socialization doesn't have to stop there. By encouraging your child's social development at home, you can monitor your child's social interaction and promote healthy social behaviors throughout life. 

1. Host Events at Your Home 

Invite friends over for your child to play with. You can't expect your child to learn social protocol without actually putting them in situations where they can interact with other individuals. By letting your child have friends over, they learn how to problem solve and share. They get into situations that take them out of their comfort zone, so they learn how to react appropriately. Fortunately, when interactions are in your home, you're able to monitor the situation and intervene when necessary, so your child will respond to situations properly. You may want to find crafts or other projects for the children to work on cooperatively. Have games and sports around for your child to play with another child.  

2. Join Groups 

Your child can learn how to work with a group of kids when you place him or her in play groups or on sports teams. They learn how to disagree and solve their disagreements. They can work together for a common goal. These groups promote other positive social behaviors such as honesty and good sportsmanship.  

3. Be a Good Role Model 

Socialization isn't learned through firsthand experiences alone. Children mimic what they see. Remember when little eyes and ears are around to always use manners and treat others with kindness. Show children you can disagree with others without hurting a relationship. React without anger when dealing with a difficult situation. Show empathy toward others who are going through a difficult situation and know it's okay to show emotion in front of your child. 

4. Teach Your Child to Talk it Out  

When your child has an issue, let him or her know it's okay to talk it out with you. Give your child advice on how to handle situations. By allowing your child to open up to you, he or she will be more likely to talk out issues with others.  

5. Find a Positive School Environment 

The Learning Lodge, serving Elk River, Ramsey, and Anoka, MN provides children with plenty of opportunities to socialize. We encourage parents to play a role in the process. To learn more about our facility, contact us today by calling 763-427-2587.