As adults, we often forget that children’s minds are still in the early stages of development. Therefore, the way they retain and process what we teach them looks very different than the way our fully-developed minds process information. Let’s take a closer look.

Activity: The Key to Learning

Since children have short attention spans, we focus on engaging them in play and activity. Rather than trying to fill their heads with abstract concepts, we teach them to see the world through participating in real life scenarios and activities.

For instance, we could teach a child that five plus five equals ten by writing it on a chalkboard. He or she is more likely, however, to grasp the concept if we place ten red balls on a table and coach the child through counting the balls. We use this method in almost every educational discipline.

We enrich preschoolers’ minds through role playing, outside observation activities, object identification, and teamwork. This approach stimulates their intellect and gives them a better understanding of the world around them.

Learning How to Learn

The concept of learning is as new to a child as the things they learn. We teach kids to identify themselves as learners and observers of everything around them. In a positive, stimulating environment, kids can see that learning is not only enjoyable, but a necessary part of their lives. We can also preschoolers master difficult tasks and overcome hurdles to retaining and applying all sorts of concepts. They begin to see themselves as strong, capable students who can grasp new ideas and teachings.

Sequential Cognitive Development

Most preschoolers are only capable of digesting one skill or concept at a time. Therefore, our approach in teaching them must be in the form of introducing ideas or new concepts sequentially rather than simultaneously. This method builds a child’s confidence each time he or she masters a task. For instance, most children do not understand what team work is when the idea is first introduced. As time goes by, however, the team building exercises and activities that we engage children in helping them to see how teamwork is beneficial and important to their social skills.

The Learning Lodge: The Place for Preschoolers to Grow

Since proper education is essential for your child’s growth, we at The Learning Lodge utilize the best methods for help your preschooler develop and grow as they explore their world. We provide a caring, safe, and professional environment for all preschool-aged children. Now is the time to enroll your child in the Learning Lodge. Call us at 763-427-2587 to find out more. We are Minneapolis and St. Paul’s most trusted preschool.