Your children are naturally curious about the world they live in. Why not stimulate their curiosity by fueling their creativity? The Learning Lodge is dedicated to engaging your child in creative activities every single day. You can help by providing stimulating activities and opportunities for your child at home. Below are some effective ways to help your child discover their creative side.

Engage in Activity

We provide an array of activities for your child to participate in. Activities both stimulate your child’s desire to learn and a desire to explore his or her creative side. Therefore we encourage you to jump in with your child and engage in creative activities. Pull out coloring books, sing songs together, create unique objects from Play-Doh, or do some finger painting - whatever gets the creative juices flowing.

Expose Your Child to the Arts

Here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, opportunities to expose your child to the arts are everywhere. You can visit museums, take your child to a concert or symphony, enroll in music lessons, or take in a child’s play. Children have vivid imaginations and love to fantasize. The arts trigger their imaginations in unique ways. Literature, painting, music, drawing, and other arts will get their minds spinning.

Enroll in Lessons

The arts come alive at The Learning Lodge. We take every opportunity to teach children about all forms of art so that they have a well-rounded education. Some of our students exhibit artistic ability in one facet or another. If we sense that your child is gifted or talented in a specific area, then we’ll let you know. We encourage you to enroll your child in some lessons as early as possible.

Encourage Resourcefulness

Let’s face it; there are too many toys for children these days. Therefore, if you’re going to purchase toys for your children, then leave a little room for resourcefulness. Rather than buying pre-assembled toys, try investing in toys that allow children to assemble or build things on their own. It’s amazing how resourceful children are when you give them the opportunity.

Empower Your Child

When you visit The Learning Lodge, you’ll soon discover that we love to empower your child as much as possible. We stimulate his or her creativity whenever we get the chance. Enabling children means giving them opportunities, providing resources and art supplies, feeding their natural desire to explore, and encouraging them during the moments when they create something through trial and error.

The Learning Lodge is Here to Stimulate Your Child’s Creativity

If you don’t want to settle for a mediocre education for your children, then enroll them at The Learning Lodge. We provide thoughtful education programs that help our students grow in creativity, math, reading, and other areas of learning. To enroll, you can visit our childcare center or call us at 763-427-2587.