At The Learning Lodge, we not only work with but also celebrate children with special needs. We understand that not every child is the same. Therefore, we provide flexibility in the way we teach and accommodate every child that comes into our academy. We design our facilities so that all students have the opportunity to learn in a way that makes sense to them. Below are some specific ways that we accommodate all our students including those with special needs.

We Form Community Partnerships

One of the ways that we can best teach your child is to find resources for our teachers and families. Therefore we partner with local agencies here in Minneapolis and learn from them as well as ask for their assistance. These organizations include:

Center for Inclusive Care. The mission of the Center for Inclusive Child Care is to be a centralized, comprehensive resource network for children in community settings.

Anoka Hennepin School District SPED Department. The Anoka Hennepin Special Education department has several specialty programs and schools to help serve the needs of all students.

Help Me Grow MN. Help Me Grow has resources for young children, parents, and professionals. Resources include information on developmental milestones, YouTube videos, caregiver strategies to support development, screening, and evaluation.

Develop Family Care Plans

We work with the entire family to develop an individualized plan so that your child can learn and grow through every stage of development. We understand that a student’s early education is a family effort and not just the child’s. We will sit down with you one and one to develop learning strategies.

Teacher Enrichment

Teaching children with special needs requires extensive training and education. We are happy to provide educational tools and additional training to any of our teachers who wish to work with your child. You can trust that when you enroll your kid in The Learning Lodge, he or she will receive an education from certified, skilled educators.

Accommodate SPED Bus Schedules

The special education department SPED program is focused on students receiving individualized services in the least restrictive environment. We are committed to accommodating schedules for children that get on a SPED bus and go to select classes.

The Learning Lodge Cares About Your Child

At The Learning Lodge, we do more than just teach your child. We provide a loving and caring atmosphere that stimulates all areas of your child’s development and growth. All of our teachers are certified and trained in their specific disciplines so that they can give your child the best education and environment possible. To sign your child up for our academy, contact us at 763-427-2587, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide educational services for children in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.