Just as children learn to walk and eventually run, they also go through developmental stages in their relationships with others. There are plenty of learning curves along the way, as children begin to understand what defines friendship and what teamwork is all about. At The Learning Lodge, our goal is to help your child add depth and meaning to the relationships they have with teachers, mentors, and other children their age. We give them a wide range of opportunities to grow together and strengthen their interactive skills.

The Early Stages of Friendships

At a young age, children view other children as playmates. They enjoy having fun together with those who are nearby and have similar interests. Although young students thrive on interaction, they become easily upset when their playmate wants things his or her way or has a different opinion. We help children work through these challenges by teaching the value of sharing and compromise. They learn how to have friends and how to be a friend as they work together and play together each day.

Contribution: The Key to Growing Together

Children naturally place little value on their role in maintaining a relationship. This mentality has to be taught and nurtured in an environment that fosters relational growth. Therefore, we provide activities, learning games, and skill-building to help students contribute more to the class community. Once children understand how important their role is in maintaining relationships with others, they feel a sense of pride in their contributions. They go beyond what others can do for them and see the value of doing good for others.

Growing Together Gets Things Done

One of the keys to your child’s learning is his or her ability to be successful when participating in group activities. Thus, we place a high priority on team building and cooperation. Since a student’s development occurs at the academic level, we specialize our learning programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school age, and special needs. Our goal is to give them a sense of wellness throughout each stage. We can accomplish this by engaging in activities like storytelling, field trips, math, reading, and outdoor play.

Come Grow Together With Us!

At The Learning Lodge, we search for gifted and caring teachers, assistant teachers, and aides for our center. We are dedicated to providing the highest-level of enrichment for our children and their families. For more information about how we can grow together, give us a call at 763-427-2587 or complete the form on our contact page. Our child care facility is conveniently located in Ramsey, MN between Elk River, MN and Anoka, MN.