Your interest in your child’s education is directly correlated with his or her level of success. You can take an active role in your child’s learning at a young age by participating in or supplementing what they are exposed to at The Learning Center. We believe in partnerships between our education center and parents. We offer resources and opportunities for parents to get involved. Below are five ways you can contribute to your child’s education.

1. Math & Reading

We stay on top of your child’s math and reading skills by providing the outcome-based curriculum. Our staff meets regularly with educators at local schools so that we can stay updated on learning expectations statewide. You can partner with by taking an active interest in current curriculum and supplementing it with math and reading games and activities at home.

2. Storytelling

Children learn quite a bit by opening their minds to storytelling. If you spend just a few minutes a day with your child reading a fascinating story, you will feed their intellect and open up their creative minds. Storytelling can foster problem-solving skills and relationship skills in children while creating an environment in which your child feels unique and essential. It takes little effort or ability to open up a book.

3. Participating in Field Trips

As a parent, you have an opportunity to go with your child on field trips. We visit different sites during the summer with our pre-kindergarten and school-aged children. The purpose of the field trips is to broaden your child’s learning in a unique environment, in which they can see education in action. By joining us, you may learn a few things as well that you can share with your child once the field trip is finished.

4. Outdoor Play

Children love to go outdoors and experience the world around them. Once you step out the door, there are endless possibilities for learning. Many outdoor activities are easy, fun, and cost little. Why not take your child on a walk through the park and discuss nature? How about a trip to the zoo to learn the names or species of animals? You can also engage in physical activities that stimulate your child’s motor skills while promoting exercise.

5. Lesson Reinforcement

When you come to pick your child up, we will let you know what he or she learned that day. We can also provide you with online or physical resources to reinforce the lessons of the day. Many of these resources come in the form of games and activities - your child’s two favorite ways to learn! We believe in our young students learning and growing together. You can do the same at home each night as you spend time with your child and reinforce new concepts and ideas.

The Learning Center: Learning and Growing Together

As a parent, you have a considerable impact and influence over your child. Why not use that influence to expand their learning? We can help you along the way. The Learning Lodge focuses on desired-result education through interactive learning and parent participation. Our child care center hosts a variety of exciting activities that both encourage education while providing endless hours of entertainment. To find out more about learning opportunities for your child, contact us at 763-427-2587, or you can message us on our contact page.