At The Learning Lodge our investment in students are our investment in the future because children are the future. With a wide range of distractions vying for the attention of our young ones we must strive to reach them first at the earliest stages of their lives. We need to reach them when they are first developing their social, physical, and emotional skills to maximize their future outcome. We have educational programs for children of all ages over six months old:

●        Infants

●        Toddlers

●        Pre-schoolers

●        School-age

●        Special needs

Grounded in Educational Wellness

From birth through about 36 months old, a child’s brain is most receptive to learning. Our philosophy is that everyone is special and unique, so we promote individual learning as we grow together, collectively. Since the way someone reacts as an individual is unique to oneself, we focus on the needs of each child socially, emotionally, and physically. The developmental behavior of children at this age is a roadmap to their behavior as adults.

Teaching, Not Watching

We interact with our students in all areas of their lives. Our focus as teachers is on a well-rounded education for all ages. We work with the community to host special events  and try to knit all of our relationships together to form a cohesive bond. Producing an interactive connection provides the environment our children need to thrive. We closely communicate with local schools to make sure the curriculum we teach is in constant alignment with the right classes. Some of our tailored niches are:

●        Storytelling

●        Field trips

●        Garden time

●        Infant programs

●        Specialized diets

We go out of our way to make our learning experience stand above and beyond the status quo.

Advancement and Well-Rounded Aspects

There are several reasons why our early education programs are so valuable. Learning these concepts early on as a young child in an interactive environment will make them seem second-nature when reaching adulthood:

●        Respecting others

●        Resilience in learning new things

●        Patience with others and themselves

●        Cooperation with others

●        Concentration on a project

●        Confidence and Self-Esteem in all areas of life

Contact the Learning Lodge for Early Education Programs in Ramsey

Call 763-427-2587 to find out special childhood education programs we host and how to enroll. You can also message us on our contact page. We are here to give Ramsey, Minnesota a positive, advanced learning experience that lasts a lifetime!