Pre-K (pre-kindergarten) is a fundamental stepping stone in a child’s learning experience because it sets the foundation for Kindergarten. A child will acquire many lifelong qualities and characteristics at this age level. Pre-K is not only about learning the alphabet and numbers; there is so much more. Pre-K is great for building a child’s confidence and his/her social skills.

Importance of Pre-K

There is more evidence coming out every day that proves Pre-K is essential to a child’s learning. Children will gain the knowledge of letters, numbers, and shapes, however, on a deeper level, they will learn how to socialize. Children will learn how to get along with others, share, and contribute during group activities. Children who attend a good-quality Pre-K will enter Kindergarten with pre-reading skills, a rich vocabulary, and stronger math skills. Most importantly children learn how to be students.

What a Child Will Learn

In addition to learning how to compromise, be respectful, and problem-solve, they will gain a sense of self. Children will learn they can do things for themselves, such as explore, play with peers, and build self-confidence. Quality Pre-Ks will help children find answers to their questions by exploration, experimentation, and conversation. Conversation will be encouraged by asking children open-ended questions, which will help them to think on their own and make decisions.

Skills Entering Kindergarten

A child should have these basic skills upon entering Kindergarten. They should know how to spell, recognize, and write their name. A child should also know the entire alphabet, letter names, shapes, colors, and numbers 1-10. This is where a good-quality Pre-K school like The Learning Lodge will benefit you and your child. Your child will learn all of this plus so much more. At the Learning Lodge, your child will work on developing sentences, adding and subtracting, and more challenging patterns and matching all before entering Kindergarten.

Choosing the Right Pre-K Program

Of course, you want to look for the obvious. Is it clean and safe? Is the outside play area well maintained? Is there enough material, toys, and books? Where are the smoke detectors and first-aid kits? In addition to this, you will want to check the program’s curriculum and its philosophy. The head teacher should have at least an associate degree with formal training in early childhood education. The most important thing to ask yourself is if you and your child feel comfortable there.

Teaching in Ramsey, Minnesota

Are you looking for the perfect Pre-K program for your child in the Ramsey, Minnesota area? The Learning Lodge is for you. We offer an extensive Pre-K program for our students to be more than ready upon entering Kindergarten. Give us a call today to schedule a visit. You can reach us at 763-427-2587, or you can message us on ourcontact page.