Summer may be a time when your child stops attending school, but there are a wealth of things to do to continue their education. Summer is a time to go and experience the outdoors and make learning a family pursuit. When planning activities for your child, think of learning and fun together. The Learning Lodge shares ten highly educational summer fun activities for your child.

10 Highly Educational Summer Fun Activities for Your Child

Here is our top ten list of activities for summer fun for your child. Just because something is educational doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too!

1.      Cooking Outdoors. Don’t let Dad hog the grill, let your child be the cook. From deciding on the menu, to getting recipes, grocery shopping, measuring, cutting, and running the grill, cooking is an educational and creative activity that incorporates wellness. Your child can even plan a party around the event and handle the invites and decor.

2.      Bubble Blowing. To put an educational spin on bubble blowing, have your child create alternative methods and objects to blow bubbles with. Will a square tool create a square bubble? Let the kids find out.

3.      Outdoor Musical Instruments. Challenge your child to go outside and gather the items to make their own custom instrument. First have them research instrument types (strings, drums, horns) and find outdoor items to create those instruments. Set up a recital and have your own backyard concert.

4.      Rock Collection. Go for a stroll and gather rocks. Then bring the rocks home and figure out what mineral they are. Start a collection to find as many different rocks and minerals as you can.

5.      Let the Kids Plan A Day. As parents, you know the logistics in something even as small as a field or day trip. Let the kids in on the planning. They can choose the place, plan the budget, map the route, schedule the itinerary. Let them own their fun and watch how highly involved they become!

6.      Start a Neighborhood Book Club. Let the kids pick a book, find friends young and old, and schedule a time to meet to discuss the book.

7.      Bug Study. Rather than look at bugs as a nuisance, let your child explore all the different bugs around your neighborhood. Keep a graph of bug types and populations.

8.      Garden Competition. A quick trip to the nursery, some seeds and soil and let your child watch something grow. Make it a family competition to see who can grow the most! Have your child chart the water, fertilizer, and growth of the plants.

9.      Write a Letter to Get Free Stuff. A quick online search will yield all kinds of stuff your child can write a letter to get. From travel brochures to free samples, this activity will have your kids practicing writing just to see what they get in the mail.

10.  Play the Stock Market. Give your child an imaginary (or maybe not so imaginary) amount of money to invest in the stock market. Have them pick their stock, give the reasons why, and track the progress of the stock.

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