Trees will soon be budding, and plants will emerge from the thawing ground. The growth of spring can serve as inspiration to grow your child’s learning.

Here are five activities to do with your child to inspire their learning this spring:

1.      Learn the alphabet

Toddlers learn with their senses, so one way to help them learn the alphabet is by touch. Here’s what you can do:

1.      Use a marker to write out large letters on poster paper.

2.      Have your child decorate the letters with different materials, such as beans, cotton balls, pasta or pipe cleaners.

3.      Say the letters out loud and have your child trace the letter.

4.      Then use these letters to spell out words, such as their name.

This will help your child better understand each letter and their shape. In no time, they will start to recognize these letters when you’re out and about together.

Try this in the sand, too! Go to the beach or playground and write letters in the sand using toys, sticks or your fingers, and then have your child retrace your letters.

These are also great activities to do with numbers to help your child learn to write numbers.

2. Build shapes out of clay

Another great way to boost your child’s learning and creativity is to create shapes with non-toxic clay. Mold shapes, such as squares, triangles, and rectangles out of the clay, and show your child how they fit together, and then have them try to recreate the shapes.

To advance this lesson, create 3D shapes and objects or suggest your child make you a specific object out of the clay.

3. Play memory games using boxes

A great way to work on your child’s memory is to create memory boxes. Here’s how:

1.      Grab a few boxes.

2.      In each box, put a photo of someone significant to the child (a photo of their mom, dad, dog, house, favorite food, etc.).

3.      Cover each box in a different colored paper or something else to make each box unique.

4.      Go over each box with your child and talk about the picture inside.

5.      Close the box and ask your child which box has the picture of their favorite food or their dad or their dog, etc.

This game will help improve your child’s visual memory, as well as help them work on their listening and language skills.

4. Work on math skills by grouping things together

A great way to work on your child’s math and problem solving skills is by sorting different items by shape, size and color.

Take a bunch of buttons, beads and other objects to work with your child to sort them into different categories. Once the objects are sorted into groups, count how many are in each pile.

5. Play balancing games

You can help develop your child’s sense of balance and coordination by walking on a balance beam.

1.      Create a balancing beam by placing a plank of wood on the ground or go to a playground where that has something that can be used as a balance beam.

2.      Hold your child’s hand to help them walk across the beam.

3.      Once they get the hang of it, let your child walk across the beam by themself.

This can also boost your child’s confidence as they learn how to balance, and if they fall, they will learn how to get back up and try it again.

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