There's plenty of perks that come with gardening, but this activity can mean even more for a child who is developing the core skills that they will need for their future. Thankfully, we're going to elaborate on how such an activity can leave a positive mark on one's life. Here's a look at how gardening can assist a child's skill development.

Child Skill Development & Gardening

Although individuals of all ages can find joy in gardening, it's the children who will walk away with the most benefits. Gardening can be incredibly educational and helps children develop such skills as:

  • Understanding — Children will learn about the causes and effects of their actions, such as plants growing with consistent care and how plants compete with weeds.
  • Physical Activity — Children will be moving around outside and remain productive.
  • Responsibility — They will understand responsibility as they care for the plants.
  • Love of Nature — Children will have a chance to understand the great outdoors in a pleasant and safe place.
  • Self-Confidence — Their self-confidence will grow as they achieve goals and enjoy what they've grown.
  • Nutrition — Children will finally understand where their fresh food comes from.
  • Creativity — Children will find exciting and new ways to grow food.
  • Cooperation — Children will understand teamwork and shared play activity.
  • Discovery & Reasoning — Children will learn about the science of simple construction, nutrition, the environment, the weather, animals, and plants.

Getting Your Child Into Gardening

Now gardening has a lot of benefits to offer to your child, but getting your child involved is a whole different story. Such ways you can get your child into gardening are:

  • Give them their own space. Start small so that your child doesn't feel overwhelmed.
  • Keep it simple for them. Don't complicate the gardening process for them.
  • Encourage your child to dig around in the dirt. They'll likely love it!
  • Grow interesting plants.
  • Use correct-sized tools that are lightweight so the experience can feel tailored to them.
  • Have them build a scarecrow.
  • Have them plant flowers that attract interesting birds or insects.
  • Install a feature such as a sundial or a birdbath.
  • Have your child visit an established garden.

Considering the information above, there are plenty of skills children can develop as they garden. Thankfully, The Learning Lodge is here to help develop the skills your child needs for a healthy life. Contact us today for more information as to how we can help them live a fulfilling life.