There is one simple thing you can do this spring and summer to improve your child’s development and set them up for a successful and healthy future: by playing outside.

Studies have shown that one major difference between children now compared to the last generation is that kids simply are not spending as much time outside, getting fresh air, and getting Vitamin D. Instead, many children are attached to electronic devices or are busy running from one scheduled activity to another.

There are numerous reasons why it is important to make time for your child to play outside. Here are four:

1.      Vitamin D

Getting outside and soaking up some natural vitamin D is great for your child’s development. Vitamin D benefits a person’s bone development and immune system, fosters restful sleep, and boosts a person’s mood. Just make sure to lather on the sunscreen and wear a hat when spending a lot of time outside. Increased sun exposure, although extremely beneficial, can lead to sunburns and an increased risk for skin cancer.

2.      Exercise

It is important for a child to spend at least one hour every day being active, and what better way to get a child running around than to get outside? Sending your child outside to play — whether riding a bike, climbing on the playground, playing with a ball, or just running in circles in the backyard — is a form of active play, which is one of the best forms of exercise for a child. There are countless benefits of exercise for children, including increasing muscle and bone strength, controlling body fat, decreasing the risk of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, lowering blood pressure, and improving your child’s outlook on life.

3.      Taking risks

In addition to the physical benefits of playing outside, there are also numerous developmental benefits for children. By having your child play outside and take a few risks, such as climbing a tree or taking on the monkey bars, this can help your child build their confidence and bravery, and encourage them to take risks. These traits are important as a child grows up. And if they fall, it helps them learn from their failure and not be afraid to try again.

4.      Socializing

Playing outside, especially at a park or a playground, will help teach your child to socialize and play with other children who they may not already know. They will learn to make new friends, share their toys, and take turns on the playground equipment, as well as learn to cooperate with others. Socializing with their peers in an unstructured way (not at school or on a team) will help them learn how to play and socialize with others in a different way.

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