At The Learning Lodge, we cater to all children. Based in Ramsey, Minnesota, our staff strives to make sure every child is included, while being taught and cared for in a way that benefits them. We work to ensure every child is in an environment where they can grow intellectually and socially, while also helping them grow emotionally as they continue to grow physically. Our unique learning center allows all children to experience diversity and inclusion by helping them learn how society works from a young age.

They’re Children First

Every child deserves a safe space in which they can play, learn, and grow. At The Learning Lodge, we ensure each child knows they are a kid first, no matter what. Children with special needs are just like other children; they just might need a little extra assistance when it comes to learning new things or completing activities. We focus on helping your child with every need they have, not just ones that involve their special needs.

Every Child Is Unique

Just as no two people are the same, no two disabilities are the same. Though two children may have the same disability, it affects each of them differently, and at The Learning Lodge, we understand that and cater to each child’s individual needs. No matter the disability, whether it’s visual, verbal, or something else, we work with your child to understand how they learn and play so they get the most out of their experience with us.

Children Benefit From Inclusion

Every child should feel included and welcome in order to grow and learn. For children with special needs, inclusion can be extremely beneficial. Inclusion provides a safe environment for your child to adapt without the fear of being labeled or left out. Inclusion is also beneficial to children without disabilities, as well. From a young age, children will be taught diversity and respect, allowing for a more rounded learning experience. Part of growing up means meeting people with all types of needs, backgrounds, and abilities. Children should learn to respect diversity from a young age.

Choose The Learning Lodge

At The Learning Lodge, we create an all-inclusive environment that is proven to help children. Whether your child has special needs or not, we take the time to study how each child learns and plays so we can create the best possible learning space. If you’re interested in learning more about our programs for children with special needs, call us today at 763-427-2587, or message us on our contact page.