At The Learning Lodge, we believe in an all-inclusive education. We want children to learn, communicate, and experience all the good things in the world around them. For that reason, we focus on letting your children explore and play in the outdoors, as well as learning and developing within our center. Here, our experts will go over some of the reasons as to why outdoor exploration is vital for your child’s development.

●      Physical Fitness

By allowing your kids to play outside, they have more space to exercise. They can run, jump, dance, and more. Not only does this allow them to release energy, but these activities are easy ways to practice strength training and aerobic exercise. By instilling an active personality in children at a young age, they can hopefully maintain it down the road, which ultimately helps protect the body from diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Being outside and frequently active also provides high Vitamin D levels and strengthens the immune system of your child.

●      Social Development

Not only does playing outside improve your child’s health, but it can also help them become more social. While they can play and share with others in a small room, we also give them the freedom to run around outside and create their own games, which is a great way to help them build their imagination and learn how to play with others. Playing outdoors often has proven to lead to kids gaining improved confidence, self-advocacy, resiliency, and leadership skills. These skills develop because the children learn how to play with new people, negotiate, and learn new skills and concepts.

●      Mental Health

Like adults, young children can also struggle with anxiety and depression. Also, like adults, constant activity, busy schedules, and extracurricular activities can help fight off anxiety and depression. Frequent activity has been shown to impact these struggles, as well as things like ADHD in a positive way. Additionally, allowing kids to escape the world and create one of their own may help them battle struggles they may be having at home or at school.

●      Intellectual Development

Another key benefit in allowing children to frequently play outside is that it can enhance their learning skills. By having a place they can be creative and carefree, they are more prepared to learn in the classroom, are better focused, have better problem-solving skills, and more. Creating their own games and maintaining rules with their peers can help them develop leadership and creative skills that they can apply to their education. These skills allow them to think outside the box, and can help them find unique solutions to issues they may have in school.

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No matter what season it is, children should get outside in safe conditions to get their energy out and stay healthy. At The Learning Lodge, we include outdoor activities with our expert child development programs. To learn more about how we help children grow and learn about the world around us, give us a call at 763-427-2587 or message us on our contact page.