Kids are abundantly creative beings. Art allows them to explore who they are and express themselves visually at a time when they are unable to communicate in other ways. But letting your toddler have fun with finger paints offers more than just smiles and artwork for the fridge. It allows you to create a real and lasting effect on the child's cognitive and physical development.

Four Surprising Ways Creating Art Positively Affects Toddlers

1.       Art develops fine motor skills. It may be difficult to tell from the blobs and streaks of color on the paper, but every time your child creates a new artwork, she is strengthening her fine motor skills. Developing fine motor skills as early as possible will give your child a boost when it comes to hand-eye coordination and the ability to use her hands together. Improving these skills will give her a head start with skills such as tying her shoes, using scissors, and writing.

2.       Art improves logic and critical thinking skills. Art provides plenty of ways to improve the logic and critical thinking skills of your toddler. First, there are all the questions she will need to ask herself: What color should I choose? Do I use a lot or a little? What will happen if I mix this color and that color together? Then there are the results of her choices, which are immediately apparent. This allows your child to explore cause and effect in a safe environment where the worst consequences is a little paint on her clothing.

3.       Art fosters self-esteem and confidence. There are no right answers when it comes to art, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Giving your toddler the chance to express herself through art, and then accepting and loving what she created will not only increase the confidence she has in herself now, but can help set her up for a lifetime of positive self-esteem.

4.       Art encourages caring and sharing. Many toddlers struggle with social interaction when they enter school. But working on art in a group setting helps them practice essential social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperating with others. Art is not only a fun way for a toddler to learn to interact with older siblings and their peers, but it is an excellent way for parents and kids to bond. So set aside the time to make art together to create the foundation for a stronger relationship in the future.

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