Did you know your child’s everyday play activities are incredibly beneficial for her overall development? Creative enrichment encourages developmental improvements in every area of your child’s life — emotional, cognitive, physical — you name it, creativity affects it. At The Learning Lodge, our philosophy centers around enrichment, and a major component of our teaching approach just so happens to be creativity! So how exactly does creative play help your child learn and grow? Let’s take a look!

Intellectual Development

Did you know that when your child plays creatively, she develops more than just her imagination? Creative play encourages the formation of basic math skills, such as sorting, measuring, and geometry (shape and size of play objects). Concentration and problem solving also come into play during creative activities, leading your child to ask questions like:

●        Will this object fit here?

●        Is this strong enough to stand by itself?

●        How can I fix this problem?

●        Do these objects fit in the same category?

Though your child may not consciously realize she’s reasoning this way, she’s learning nonetheless. Through creative problem solving, your child learns a great deal about thinking outside the box. Over time, she develops stronger complex thinking skills, which allow her to transfer what she’s learned through play into everyday life.

Physical Development

Creative activities, such as drawing, painting, cutting, pasting, and designing, help your child develop fine motor skills. As he nears school age, those skills help prepare him for learning how to write. As adults, we tend to take the skill for granted, but if you’ve ever attempted to write with your non-dominant hand, you know just how much practice writing legibly requires.

Young children aren’t born knowing what exactly their hands are designed to do, but through creative play, they gradually learn. In the space of just a few months, with consistent practice, your child can go from not knowing how to hold a crayon to learning how to make marks on paper — what a huge milestone!

Social & Emotional Development

Arts, crafts, and other creative activities encourage your child to express her emotions and thoughts in a positive, healthy manner. It’s no secret that art is often an expression of emotion, and though your child doesn’t realize she’s expressing herself, she’s gradually learning how to put her thoughts and ideas into action.

As your child ages, creative enrichment also allows her to socialize with her peers over stimulating, creative activities. Rather than spending time simply “hanging out,” or watching TV, she learns to share her creative outlet with her friends. Kids typically learn more by doing, so if you can steer them away from passive activities — such as watching television — toward more active pursuits like arts and crafts, you’ll encourage better cognitive development.

Communication Development

When kids practice creative play together, they learn to engage and communicate with one another as a team. Both verbal and nonverbal communication encourage your child to become more aware of others’ feelings and ideas while simultaneously helping develop their own vocabulary. As well, creating with other children helps foster a healthy imagination and an appreciation for teamwork.

The Learning Lodge in Ramsey: Growing Together Through Enrichment

At The Learning Lodge, we’re committed to providing a nurturing, educational environment that encourages your child to thrive. Whether your little one is still in diapers or is on extended school break, we have a variety of specialized programs designed to meet the needs of all age groups. Our goal is to bring forth and build upon your child’s unique talents and abilities through ongoing intellectual, social, emotional, and physical education and development.

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