Parents often have reservations about enrolling their children in a childcare or early education program. In many cases, those reservations stem from a fear that children will not receive individualized attention or that the program is not educationally sound. While that may be true for certain childcare programs with poor reputations, that’s most certainly not the case at the Learning Lodge.

At The Learning Lodge, we strive to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for children of all ages through a variety of educational and enrichment activities. Below, we’ve outlined just a handful of the many benefits your child stands to gain by being a part of our programs.

Early Education

The benefits of early childhood education cannot be understated. Studies have demonstrated that children who begin learning at a very early age are more likely to graduate from college and become successful members of society. At the Learning Lodge, we place great emphasis on enrichment and learning through a variety of educational activities, which include:


        Math and reading activities

        Field trips and social skills development

        Outdoor play

We employ a specialized curriculum to help your child develops the skills necessary to make a successful transition into elementary school. We also regularly meet with local educators to ensure our enrichment programs reflect the teachings set forth in a formal education setting.

Daily Routine Development

Developing a daily routine is an important factor in your child’s early development, and a quality early childhood education program is a great way to do it. Even toddlers in childcare have a full day of planned activities that provide enrichment through storytelling, social interaction, and teaching. As your child reaches school age, having a solidified routine in place will help her transition smoothly into a traditional educational environment.

Early Socialization

Early interaction with peers and other adults offers a wide range of benefits for your young child. In an early childhood education setting, students practice growing together through a variety of special enrichment activities designed to stimulate learning. Developing healthy social skills is critical for success in a traditional classroom setting, and through daycare, your child learns to:

        Show respect for their surroundings, peers, and teachers

        Share with others and take turns

        Control impulsive social behavior

        Practice expressing emotions appropriately

        Cooperate with his or her peers to reach a desired outcome

For many parents, attempting to schedule time for early social interaction in an already-overflowing daily routine can be difficult. By enrolling your child in an education-focused childcare program, he reaps the benefits of supervised early social interaction on a daily basis.

Smooth Transition Into Elementary School

Preparing your child for entry into elementary school through a quality childcare program can help ease the shock of beginning school. Many children who do not participate in early childhood education programs find the initial shock of a school-based academic program quite overwhelming. Unfortunately, the emotional upheaval can impede their ability to learn successfully.

By enrolling your young child in a quality teaching program, you allow her to get comfortable interacting with her peers and other adults in a more comfortable, individualized setting. The social skills and knowledge she gains through the program will better prepare her to succeed in a traditional educational environment. 

The Learning Lodge in Ramsey: Growing Together Through Teaching

At the Learning Lodge, we place a heavy emphasis on allowing your child to learn, grow, and explore through a variety of teaching and enrichment activities. We believe each child is special and we strive to help your child develop his or her unique talents and abilities in a safe, encouraging, and creative environment. We offer a variety of specialized programs to meet the needs of all age groups, so whether your little one is still in diapers or on an extended break from school, we’re here to serve your family.

To learn more about our programs and our approach to early childhood education, reach out to our team at 763-427-2587. You can also get in touch with us online, and we’ll get back to you shortly. Ready to see what we have to offer? Feel free to schedule your tour online!