Young minds are constantly gathering and assimilating new information. Regardless of the setting (even if it’s your living room), your young child is always learning and growing — so why not foster creativity when you’re stuck at home? Though it can be tempting to calm a rambunctious child by incorporating screen time into the picture, it’s not always the best choice in terms of creative enrichment.

At the Learning Lodge, it’s our goal to help foster your child’s growth, learning, and originality, which we accomplish through a variety of specialized teaching techniques. Below, we’ve outlined a few creative, at-home activities for hands-on learning and fun!

Storytelling Activities

How about a book instead of TV? Storytelling offers your child a unique way to express their creativity, originality, and imagination. Through sharing stories, your child develops problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence, and relationship-building skills. Beyond simple reading, consider having your child participate in the storytelling process through role playing. How about setting up a puppet show or a makeshift living room theatre?

Field Trip to the Backyard

At the Learning Lodge, we use field trips as a tool to help your child discover and learn about the world around them. But, when you can’t venture to locations outside your immediate property, your yard is a great place to start. Even if your child regularly plays outdoors, there’s a virtual treasure trove of learning activities available in your own backyard — take advantage of them! Outdoor, creative learning activities you may want to consider include:

●        Teaching your child how to plant and care for a mini garden

●        Scavenger hunt for items of different colors, textures, sizes, and weights

●        Organized games, such as soccer or frisbee, to practice motor skills and teamwork

●        Sidewalk chalk for writing and math practice

●        Nature discovery time to focus on sensory perception and processing

Arts & Crafts

From simple coloring books to more involved cutting and pasting projects, arts and crafts activities help your child practice creativity and fine motor skills. Consider having your child practice drawing portraits of special people in his or her life. Or, ask her to draw some of her favorite animals, plants, and places.

Kids also love incorporating sensory items into their art and craft projects! Consider incorporating things like pipe cleaners, glitter, colored construction paper, different types of paint, stencils, and even flower petals, twigs, and leaves from your yard.

The Learning Lodge in Ramsey: Growing Together Through Enrichment

At The Learning Lodge, it’s our goal to foster your child’s learning, growth, and creativity through a wide variety of educational and enrichment activities. From infants and toddlers to preschoolers and school-age children, we offer a variety of specialized programs designed to meet the needs of all age groups. We’re committed to helping your child discover and build upon their unique abilities through ongoing intellectual, social, emotional, and physical education and development.

To learn more about our programs and how we approach early childhood education, feel free to contact our team at 763-427-2587. You can also get in touch with us through our contact form, or get to know us better by scheduling your tour online!