Did you know that creativity and imagination can help your child cope with a wide range of emotions? Not only that, but these valuable tools, when developed through consistent practice, help children learn and interact with the world around them.

At the Learning Lodge, we place a heavy emphasis on helping our students grow and learn through enrichment. A central component of our approach is allowing each child ample space and time for creativity, and below, we’ve outlined how you can help your child develop his or her innate creativity at home.

Create a Creative Space

Is there a space in your home where your child feels comfortable to create? If not, it’s never a bad idea to designate one! The key here is for your child to feel safe, comfortable, and familiar with a special place where he or she feels the authority to get creative. It doesn’t have to be a fancy setup or even a designated playroom — a special corner of the bedroom, a specific chair at the kitchen table, or a designated area of the backyard can all function wonderfully as a designated creative space. 

Give Your Child Free Time to Create

Allowing your child unstructured time to simply play, imagine, and discover is one of the best ways to foster his or her innate creativity. Children are wonderfully imaginative, but when their day is structured from beginning to end, there’s little room for creativity. Try blocking off a section of the day for free play, or if your child just can’t seem to focus on the task at hand, consider allowing a bit of free time to let his or her imagination run wild.

Engage the Senses

What better way to get your child’s creative juices flowing than new experiences? You can foster creativity in your child simply by exposing him or her to new things, and field trips are a fantastic way to do this.

You don’t have to plan an elaborate, costly outing — a simple trip to the museum, library, or even just the backyard is a great way to stimulate your child’s imagination! Try asking your child to imagine different situations during your field trip, such as what a specific place might look like, sound like, or smell like. Get those imaginative wheels turning!

Avoid Hovering

It can be tempting to try to manage your child’s creative process, but ultimately, taking that route defeats the purpose. Children have an incredible ability to be creative when playing on their own, but sometimes, when adults get involved, they have a tendency to over-manage playtime. Unfortunately, this tendency often stifles childrens’ innate creativity.

Instead of micromanaging playtime, practice being a bit more hands off while your little one plays. Do your best to facilitate your child’s innate creativity, but try not to hover over every movement and decision as he or she explores and creates. Allowing children to discover and learn on their own helps them develop valuable problem-solving skills that serve them according to their needs and preferences.

The Learning Lodge in Ramsey: A Truly Unique Approach to Childcare

At the Learning Lodge, it’s our goal to help your child discover his or her unique talents and abilities through a wide variety of educational and creative enrichment activities. From infants to school-age children, we offer a variety of uniquely designed programs to meet the learning needs of all age groups. To learn more about our programs or schedule a tour of our facility, give our team a call at 763-427-2587 or send us a message on our contact page, and we’ll be in touch promptly.