Though it’s easy to take for granted, literacy isn’t something every child has the opportunity to develop. In fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, one in five U.S. adults — approximately 43 million people — have low to nearly non-existent literacy skills. So if you have the time to sit down and read with your child, you should absolutely take advantage of the opportunity.

Not only does reading together give you a chance to bond with your child over a fun educational activity, but it also encourages deeper learning and cognitive development in your child. Below, the teaching experts at the Learning Lodge in Ramsey discuss four ways storytime is incredibly beneficial for your child.

Builds the Foundation for Early Language Development

Did you know that reading to your child, even during gestation, can help her develop early language skills? It’s true — during the final 10 weeks of pregnancy, a developing baby can hear and recognize her mother’s voice and even begin to absorb language.

Though your little one doesn’t know it, just the sound of your voice helps her integrate early speech patterns. And when you continue to read to your baby as she grows, you help her strengthen speech pattern recognition, which makes learning vocal expression much easier.

Social Skill Development

When you read to your young child with enthusiasm — using different voices, vocal inflection, and expressive sounds —you help your toddler develop emotional awareness. Understanding personal emotions, as well as the emotions of others, is an important component of social skill development, which makes storytime a fantastic teaching tool for helping your child develop empathy.

Teaches Object Recognition

Though you spend plenty of time teaching your child about the world around her, reading is a great way to build upon those learning experiences. Storytime helps educate your toddler about things that are both within and outside of her immediate realm of access. Over time, she learns to readily identify everyday objects, which strengthens memory development and retention.

Vocabulary Development & Expansion

The more often you read to your child, the stronger her vocabulary will become. Since preschoolers expand their vocabulary on daily basis, the more new words you expose your child to, the more she understands about the world and how to express herself within it. As your child learns new words, she also begins to learn how to identify the letters that form those words, which gives her a strong foundation for learning to read on her own!

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