In this busy world of today, it is easy to schedule nearly every minute of the day, as well as much of the night, After all, doing so makes it easier to get everything done that has to be finished each day. Rigid scheduling, though, can make it difficult for you and your child to enjoy life -- and each other -- fully.

Experts Agree -- Unstructured Time is Necessary

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) notes that a hurried lifestyle, coupled with a heavy academic load, can be a source of stress for kids. In a report entitled, "The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds," they note that a balance is the preferred approach to life with children. Rather than academic or extracurricular activities being the impetus for developing those character traits that help prepare children for success in life, this report notes that most of them come about as the result of guidance, role modeling and parental love. 

Strive for Balance

It can be difficult for Elk River parents to slow down. They believe that if they do so, their child will fall behind or they will not be afforded a key opportunity that could hold them back later in life. Instead of providing their children with a leading edge, however, many children find this fast-paced lifestyle to be a source of stress and anxiety. The AAP report suggests a few ways of achieving that balance. For example, a child doesn't need to excel in everything that he or she tries in order to be considered a success. Providing open-ended toys, such as blocks, puppets, cars, dolls and the like, can encourage a child to use their imagination.

Resist "Superchild" Syndrome

Every parent wants what is best for their child and to see them become a success now and later in life. Be sure to evaluate the claims of toy manufacturer's, though, that promise to deliver a smarter or better child. Instead, allow your children to have an ample amount of time so they can discover those areas in which they excel and then nurture them.

At the Learning Lodge, we focus on all aspects of your child -- emotional, physical and intellectual. Their own individual dispositions, strengths and weaknesses are taken into consideration by our highly-trained and caring staff to deliver a curriculum that is designed to support your child.