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Reading Together: 4 Ways Storytime Is a Powerful Teaching Tool

Though it’s easy to take for granted, literacy isn’t something every child has the opportunity to develop. In fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, one in five U.S. adults — approximately 43 million people — have low to nearly non-existent literacy skills. So if you have the time to sit down and read with your child, you should absolutely take advantage of the opportunity.

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Creative Play: Why It’s Essential for Early Development

Did you know your child’s everyday play activities are incredibly beneficial for her overall development? Creative enrichment encourages developmental improvements in every area of your child’s life — emotional, cognitive, physical — you name it, creativity affects it. At The Learning Lodge, our philosophy centers around enrichment, and a major component of our teaching approach just so happens to be creativity! So how exactly does creative play help your child learn and grow? Let’s take a look!

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Early Childhood Development: 3 Benefits of Social Interaction

As children develop, their daily interactions shape their experience and perception of the world around them. As a parent, early social interaction allows you a unique opportunity to stimulate your child’s emotional, intellectual, and physical growth. The benefits of consistent, early social interaction reach far beyond childhood and often shape the way your child grows into adolescence and even adulthood.

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Stimulating Your Child’s Creativity

Children are constantly exploring and asking questions, trying to understand the world around them. It may be tough to know the answers and entertain them, but it is crucial to their development. When you provide stimulating activities and opportunities for your children, they learn and develop in a way that spurs creativity. Here, our experts at The Learning Lodge will discuss ways to help your children discover their creativity.

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Child Skill Development & Gardening

There's plenty of perks that come with gardening, but this activity can mean even more for a child who is developing the core skills that they will need for their future. Thankfully, we're going to elaborate on how such an activity can leave a positive mark on one's life. Here's a look at how gardening can assist a child's skill development.

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5 Things To Do With Your Child to Boost Their Learning This Spring

Trees will soon be budding, and plants will emerge from the thawing ground. The growth of spring can serve as inspiration to grow your child’s learning.

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Why Early Childhood Education Is So Important

Sending your child to school before kindergarten has many benefits for your child’s future. Evidence shows a person’s life success, health, and emotional wellbeing are rooted in a child having a proper education when they are young.

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The Importance of Teaching a Child to Laugh

In fact, we are not born with a good sense of humor. Being able to recognize what is funny and to make people laugh is one of the most desirable personality traits, and it is something that can be developed in children.

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4 Ways to Help Kids Grow Emotionally

A child’s emotional development begins the moment he or she enters the world and interacts with life around them. The first few years of healthy development are crucial to their emotional well-being. If children do not receive positive mental stimuli during their initial years, they may suffer from emotional or psychological distress.

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How Preschoolers Can Learn the Scientific Method

Kids and science make the perfect match. Children are naturally curious, and science gives them an entire universe in which to feed their intuition. Science is also a fact-based discipline. Therefore, children are exposed to concrete concepts at their level.

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