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Encouraging Creativity, Learning, and Growth

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The Learning Lodge is your local source in the communities around Ramsey, MN for child care and advanced child learning programs. We are proud of our friendly, warm, and welcoming approach to educating children that has led to a track record of both happy children and satisfied parents. Our philosophy maintains that each child is special and deserves appropriate individual attention, while having every opportunity to collaborate and share in the learning experience with their peers—all at a fair price.

Offering Premier Child Care Services

Creativity Comes Standard

At The Learning Lodge, we focus on ensuring that every child is given the appropriate chance to excel at something they enjoy doing. Our learning programs actively inspire children to exercise their creativity while improving on critical life skills and formulating new goals for their own future development.

Primary Goals:

  • The Learning Lodge is committed to offering a curriculum that encourages social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth.
  • We are dedicated to promoting a culture of teamwork.
  • We are committed to offering opportunities for personal growth to each individual child who joins us at our child care center.
  • We promise a safe and comforting environment that takes each child’s unique disposition into account.
  • We strive to offer each child the opportunity to develop self-discipline and independence, along with the guidance to manage emotions appropriately.
  • We balance our schedule to ensure ample time is spent on activities and quiet time.
  • We promote healthy nutrition by offering snacks and lunches that contribute to the development and growth of a healthy individual.

A common misconception is that childcare centers merely watch over peoples’ children. At The Learning Lodge, all of our staff are highly trained professionals who place an emphasis on your child's physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being. Our passion is to help your children grow in all aspects, and our custom-tailored curriculum helps our students grow in creativity, math, reading, and other aspects. We work hand-in-hand with local schools to ensure that our lessons coincide with what the schools are teaching. This way our students are well prepared for the challenges the school system will present throughout the years.


More than growing up, we want to grow together. There is a certain magic in working with a family from the time the child is an infant until he or she is in middle school. When we get to spend so much time together, we are able to develop not only a comfortable routine, but also a genuine relationship with your child. Growth occurs at the academic level. Nothing pleases us more than seeing a child's face light up in that “ah ha!” moment when a new concept is understood. More than ABCs and 123s, we want our children to achieve a higher academic level than they would have elsewhere.


As part of our balanced curriculum, we provide a Wellness Program year round! The Learning Lodge has mandatory daily time spent in the fresh air and sunshine. When Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, we find time to tumble indoors. During cold months, we have a gymnastics instructor, yoga instructor, and a core muscle instructor come in twice a week to help in instilling the value and fun of exercise.

For more information about our educational programs, give us a call at 763-427-2587, or schedule a tour of our center today. Our child care facility is conveniently located in Ramsey, MN between Elk River, MN and Anoka, MN.