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A Healthy Learning Environment for All Children

The Learning Lodge Classroom

The world is complex, so we’ll add some complexity to your child's day. Through fun, engaging, active activities, we help your child improve reading and math levels, increase creativity, and maintain a healthy physical lifestyle. We also provide a theme based curriculum which provides additional variety and real-life options for children to learn about. Many times they are learning the basics and do not even realize it, as they are learning through play, and to the child, they are just having fun.

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Math and Reading

We employ an outcome-based curriculum with the goal of improving your child's academic abilities in math and reading. Our staff meets regularly with teachers at local schools to ensure that our math and reading enrichment programs accurately reflect what children are learning at every level of their schooling. For our younger students, we focus on kindergarten readiness so the transition into a formal educational setting is as smooth as it can be.


Storytelling is an important component of our enrichment programs. As adults, we might think that story time is a quaint, quiet time when children gather around a book—and it is. But it's also much more. Storytelling is a verbal and visual way to unlock a child's innate, inner creativity and allow it to flourish. This creative outpouring, in turn, helps to develop problem-solving skills, relationship skills, and an environment in which each child feels unique and important.

Through story time, we notice that children build self confidence, assurance, advanced communication skills, and a stronger vocabulary. This last point is particularly strong as children begin to associate pictures and words together. Plus, it's just plain fun!

Field Trips

The Learning Lodge conducts field trips during the summer for pre-kindergarten and school-aged children. We will visit different locations throughout the metro area that allow for additional hands-on learning opportunities where the children can engage in learning at different venues. This allows for the children to learn from their new surroundings, engage with different people and businesses within our community, and work on their social skills within our community. In addition, we will bring learning opportunities from outside in so our children can learn from that, as well. There will be a variety of options, so we are confident there is something for everyone.

On our Wonderful Wednesdays, we always schedule an off-site field trip. Our older students have two field trips per week. These field trips and experiences come at no extra cost to parents. Parental permission will be requested for off-site field trips.

Outdoor Play

The Learning Lodge combines educational development with physical activities at our expansive outdoor play area in Ramsey, MN. Outdoor play is a critical component of your child's development. It’s a great opportunity to focus on their physical skills while focusing on their large motor skills, such as running, leaping, and jumping. Another key component of outdoor play focuses on the health and well being of your child to keep them active and start a life of healthy exercise. We consider outdoor play to be a critical element in your child’s development, and it will be a daily activity while they attend our center.

In addition to the physical benefits, outdoor play also contributes to their cognitive development. Many children in the outdoor environment become creative and come up with new games to play, create rules for these interactions as well as learn strong negotiation skills, working as a team and conflict management which they will take with them throughout their life. This provides a great opportunity in another environment for them to fully develop in multiple areas.

All children who are in attendance at The Learning Lodge are expected to participate in outdoor activities.

We request that appropriate outdoor clothing be sent at all times. Snow pants, a warm coat, hat, waterproof mittens, a scarf, and waterproof boots are important during colder weather, while hot or rainy weather requires lighter wear. During excessively hot or inclement weather, children will be kept indoors. We fully support the State of Minnesota licensing guidelines around outdoor play.

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Our child care facility is conveniently located in Ramsey, MN between Elk River, MN and Anoka, MN.

For more information about our educational activities, give us a call at 763-427-2587, or you can schedule a tour of our child care facility.