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A Trusted Child Care Center

The Learning Lodge’s child care facility in Ramsey, MN was built with creative education in mind, with plenty of space for the children to feel free to explore their talents and develop strengths. Our staff is experienced, friendly, and patient, understanding that each child has unique needs that deserve individual attention. We have sought out the finest teachers, assistant teachers and aides to create an atmosphere of educational encouragement and safe, comfortable child care for all families in Ramsey, MN, Anoka, MN and Elk River, MN.

We believe that early childhood education should start as soon as possible. That's why we start working with your child during infancy, all the way through their school years - not just at the preschool level. 

Our learning facility is housed in a unique, homey, safe, active, family-oriented environment that woodsy feel that feels partly like a premier learning environment, and partly like a cabin Up North. Divided into sections, we have four environments to meet the needs of your children:

Infant Area:  A quieter section of the center, our infant environment is separated from the noisy part of the room in order to better accommodate the sleeping schedule of each infant. The lights are dimmed and the music is soft and calm.

Toddler Rooms:   Toddlers are each provided with their own cot and a small pillow and blanket, brought from home. They enjoy their lunches at a communal table with the teachers. There are plenty of reading materials and educational toys to interact with.

Preschool Environment:   The preschool areas were designed with development accommodation in mind. The classrooms encourage movement, interaction, creative thinking and emphasize positive guidance and concrete experiences.

Outdoor Area:   The Learning Lodge features an excellent outdoor area, complete with a garden, play structure and village of cabins! We encourage children to engage as often as possible with the outdoors, balancing indoor learning time with outdoor experiences.