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Pre-K Programs in Ramsey, Minnesota

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The four-and-five-year-old years are filled with exciting changes in childrens’ lives. Between a burgeoning sense of independence and a growing need to learn all about the world, you’ll find your child changing from an inquisitive toddler into an opinionated kid.

The care your child receives at this point in his or her life lays the foundation for their future success in school and in life. This is why, when you’re searching for pre-K programs near you, choosing one with both a daily structure and experienced carers is crucial.

The Importance of Structured Pre-K Programs

As all parents know, caring for any child is far from straightforward. Pre-K children can alternate between angelic cooperativeness and fierce defiance, meaning that they need both a caretaker and pre-kindergarten program that can work with this. Moreover, all pre-kindergarten children are individuals; some may need help developing in certain areas more so than others. An environment without regular adult interaction can leave some children behind; defined structure is key to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Brain development at the pre-Kindergarten age also plays a role in the type of care they need to flourish. Some studies say that a child’s frontal lobes— the part of the brain that regulates impulse control—does not mature fully until the mid-thirties. Children need structure and guidance from experienced caregivers to compensate for their developmentally immature brains; in other words, kids need supervision for their own safety!

The safety, individualism, and trickiness of caring for children in general all mean it’s crucial that parents select a structured and reputable pre-K program.

Head to the Learning Lodge for Structured Pre-Kindergarten Care Near You

We’re a Ramsey, Minnesota facility staffed by dedicated child care professionals. Through activities such as storytime, field trips, and mathematical play, we strive to unlock each child’s fullest potential, as we believe every child plays a role in our society’s future. We offer:

Individualized Attention

Part of ensuring that structure is maintained involves changing that structure when it suits the individual child. Our child care professionals keep a close eye on every child and are attentive to their needs; we’re willing to change plans for a child if it benefits them. This creates a safe, understanding environment in which your child feels safe to grow.

Care for Special Needs

Due to our focus on individualized attention, The Learning Lodge welcomes any and all children, regardless of disability or medical needs. Studies have shown that children on the autism spectrum and those with ADHD benefit from a predictable environment in which rules are firmly, yet compassionately and fairly, enforced by adults; you’ll find exactly this kind of environment at the Learning Lodge. For children with dietary restrictions, we offer a full kitchen that’s well equipped to accommodate nearly any allergy or sensitivity.

Supervised, Independent Play

As important to a child’s development as structure is, they also must learn conflict resolution skills through independent play. The Learning Lodge provides opportunities for this through supervised independent indoor and outdoor playtime.

Contact The Learning Lodge for Pre-K Near You

When you entrust your pre-kindergarten child’s care to us, you entrust their care to a team of qualified and compassionate professionals. To enroll in our program, contact our Ramsey location today at 763-427-2587.