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Educational Child Care for Preschoolers

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We offer top-notch preschool care for the children of Ramsey, MN; Anoka, MN and Elk River, MN at The Learning Lodge. Our center is conducive to a variety of self-exploration and educational activities, encouraging both individual and group development.

Our Child Care Center Offers Expert Services

Our multi-classroom preschool program is tailored to meet your child's needs in order to prepare them for the next steps in education. We also work closely with teachers in local schools to align our curriculum with what your child is learning in school. Local teachers train our staff in the requirements for K-2nd grade and provide the resources necessary to apply these techniques in our preschool classrooms.

Our Backpackers program works on transitioning toddlers to preschoolers by expanding on self-help skills, early math skills, and literacy skills learning in our toddler programs.

Our Explorers program works with 4-year-olds who are gearing up for our Pre-K program by working on letter and number writing, name writing, patterns, adding and subtracting objects, and beginning site words.

Our Voyager and Cubby's programs are the last step in preparing for Kindergarten. Here we work on developing sentences, adding and subtracting, more challenging patterns, and matching.

The conclusion of the school year culminates in an end of year graduation!

Please remember to bring:

  • A pillow and blanket from home for naptime 
  • An extra set of clothing, which we will hold in case of spills or accidents 

Our preschool care program emphasizes the developmental needs of children by encouraging decision-making, physical movement, healthy social interactions and positive guidance. To learn more, contact us at our center in the Ramsey, MN area (between Anoka, MN and Elk River, MN) by calling 763-427-2587 or completing the form on our contact page.