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Waddler Daycare in Ramsey, MN

Toddlers playing together.

Welcome to the Waddler room! This is an exciting time for your child with all the fun developmental changes! The Waddler classroom has children ages 12-18 months.

There are some differences from the infant room you may notice:

  • Your child will sleep on a cot at nap time.
  • Your child can have a single layer blanket for naps and a pacifier (if he/she uses one).
  • Your child will be using a sippy cup exclusively at each meal/snack (whole milk with meals and water during snacks); your child will not receive a bottle in the Waddler room.
  • Your child will need hard soled shoes every day; no slippers please.
  • Your child will have more opportunities to play outside, especially during the spring, summer, and fall. We will only plan to go outside during the winter on warmer days with the older children who are a couple months from moving up to the Toddler 1 classroom.

We do a lot of free play, like the infant room, but also add a little bit more structure, like the toddler rooms. We will be doing a few group times during the day where we will sing songs, read stories, do flash cards to encourage language as well as simple counting and talking about colors and shapes.

Some things you may notice your child learning from being in the Waddler room include:

  • Self-help skills; using utensils and plates during meals, drinking out of a sippy cup, sitting in chairs (strapped in) at the table, hand washing (with help).
  • Participating in group times throughout the day. Helping pick up toys and learning where they go.
  • Following simple directions, such as "Go sit on the rug," "Come wash your hands," etc.

If you have any questions along the way about anything please don't hesitate to ask! The first few months will be new for us too, so we appreciate your patience as we work out the kinks with things that work and things that do not work. The morning nap is one of those things we will be testing out by trial and error. We will be starting out with a morning nap to see how it goes and reevaluate after the first couple weeks.

We are so excited to have you and your child in our classroom and look forward to getting to know you all! Here are some quick bios about the staff in the Waddler room:

Ms. Jenna has been working at The Learning Lodge for eight years as the three-year-old teacher. She has worked in a toddler room before for about five years and is excited to get back into it! Jenna has her AAS in Early Childhood Education. She has two kids, Connor (22 months) and Aubrey (seven months). Life is definitely busy! ☺

Ms. Sydney has been working at the Learning Lodge for almost two years and has primarily been in the Infant classroom. She is looking forward to following some of the infants into the Waddler room! She is currently working on her generals. Sydney enjoys camping with friends!