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Creating a Community through Family Involvement

Birdseye view of a kid making a craft.

The Learning Lodge frequently hosts child events and honors special occasions at our child care center in the Elk River, Anoka and Ramsey, MN area. These events break up the routine and highlight achievements, important dates, and more. Some we do just for fun. Other events showcase specific professions and experiences.

We have specific events that we host throughout the year that focus on special occasions, milestones that happen in your children's lives, and individual classroom activities. If you would like to participate in the classroom we are always looking for special guests to be involved in our classrooms. Some of those opportunities include reading for our students or bringing your real life experience/profession to our classroom to enhance the theme base curriculum we are teaching at the time. 

Our open house events make for an excellent way to engage further with the local community, and are fun for all ages. It gives our families an opportunity to meet one another and learn more about the other children your child talks about when they get home at night. If you are curious about participating or our child care services, or learning more about our events, simply visit us in person, contact us by phone at 763-427-2587, or fill out the form on our contact page.